Le Nom Event specializes in creating extraordinary events with its own unique style to fulfill the needs of clients, as well as a means of conveying an idea to an event. We provide our clients with a secure experience and confidence in our event service from start to finish. Satisfy clients with our creativity and the best services.
We picture the world as a stage where anything is possible with unique ideas, and we are the ones who make it happen. We understand and implement your heritage into your event, adapting to any situation to provide a genuinely amazing experience for you and your guests. We are able to exceed client expectations because of our passion and dedication, paired with the knowledge of our in-house event specialists.
We strengthen and broaden your brand's inherent heritage by expressing and transmitting a meaningful, fulfilled, and unforgettable narrative - your own brand story.
Technologies and Adaptation
Le Nom Event is constantly updating and adapting technology alternatives to the event in order to make it unique and distinctive. Le Nom Event creates an experience for participants with 3D mapping dining, VR and AR, fog screen, water curtain, 360 dome, hologram, led matrix, and more.
We deviate from the typical standard of an event in order to accomplish unique senses. Rather than concentrating solely on the visual aspects. Le Nom considers other aspects such as hearing, taste, smell, and touch, which are perceived by all of the senses.
left-qoute Le Nom Event believes to be not only the organizer of events, but also a tailor-made artist for each by making your color become outstanding. We are confident in our ability to bring out your ideas into art, art that's both captivating and distinctive. right-qoute
Our professionals have extensive knowledge of a wide range of sectors, including gastronomy, real estate, hospitality, fashion, the stage, automobiles, and corporate businesses. Along with the extensive client network, we have established relationships with companies such as Burberry, Yamaha, Porsche, Versace, BMW, Cartier, Liberty Hotel, VinaCapital, and others. More than just providing a good event, we consider the ties formed after each project on which you collaborate with us.